From the ABC’s to the XYZ’s

And that’s a wrap.

As the semester comes to an end so does my learning project for EDTC 300 where I chose to learn ASAL (American Sign Language). But as I sit here looking back on all I have learned I realize how much I still don’t know. The resources that exist for me to learn ASL are so plentiful I really want to continue with my studies. Now I may not be doing weekly blogs about my progress and showing off my mad new skills I think this is something I want for myself. I am looking into taking professional classes after I finish my degree. I think that having this as a second language, and the inclusivity that it offers is truly remarkable and I would like to have this opportunity for my classroom.

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Together We Can Do It All

Tech Terms


Simple Sentences 

  1. Do you understand her?
  2. How do you come here? (asking means of transportation)
  3. What is your favourite movie?
  4. What does your mom do?
  5. Who gave you your wristwatch?
  6. What is your favourite internet site?
  7. Do you walk to school?
  8. Where does Bill sit?
  9. Where do you want to go?
  10. Who do you like singing with?
  11. Can you drive?
  12. Did you drive here from home?
  13. Does your computer have a web-cam?
  14. Do you need to go to the doctor?
  15. What is your email address?
  16. Where is your home?
  17. What do you like to play?
  18. How do you feel?
  19. What is your favourite store?
  20. Do you like singing with your friend?

Story Time

My brother does not go to school. He doesn’t feel good. He stays home sits at the computer, plays on the internet, and emails his friends. He wants to watch a movie. my mom used to drive to the video store. I think he should go to the doctor. 


So this week I once again tried something completely out of my comfort zone CODING. And a big special thank you goes out to Hour of Code for taking it easy on me. Like I have said numerous times I am not tech-savvy so coming into this challenge I was totally prepared for the worse. I have cousins literally 10 years younger than me who are obsessed with coding and all things computers. I smile and nod along like a good big cousin but HOLY I have no idea what they are saying.

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You’re SO FAKE

“Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home”

This was an actual headline that came across mine and my friend’s newsfeed a few years ago. I remember the world flipping out because Betty White was dead. Now read that title again. D-Y-E-S, not D-I-E-S. SHE DIED HER HAIR AT HOME and is still very much alive! This is a single example of fake news.

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Signing Etiquette

Last week I had posted a bit about how much more there is to sign language then what meets the eye and that because of this I have chosen to separate the information. Later I will be posting the physical signs that I have learned today I am just focusing on some conversation etiquette and other things that may not be immediately considered when thinking of ASL

Where are you looking?

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The Modge Podge Family

Vocab 4

Individual Words


  1. When do you feel happy?
  2. How many uncles do you have?
  3. How many sons does your father have
  4. Do you have a bby?
  5. Do I need to brush my teeth?
  6. What is your boyfriends name?
  7. What is your girlfriends name?
  8. Does your teacher have a daughter?
  9. Do you need help learning to sign?
  10. Where do you hurt?
  11. If the teacher spells show do you understand her?
  12. Who do you love?
  13. Why are you sad?
  14. Are you sorry you come to class?
  15. Do you want to stop signing?
  16. How do you sign “wash”
  17. What is your excuse?
  18. How many Aunt’s do you have?
  19. Do you want a baby?

Story Time

My aunt wants a divorce.
Uncle loves her.
Doesn’t want a divorce.
He is sad, angry, heartbroken.
He goes to his bedroom and cries.
He asked a friend to help him.
The friend’s idea was that
if uncle wants to be happy
and stop feeling sad
he should go to his wife,
apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Social Media and Social Discrimination

There are soooo many different types of social media that exist or platforms for people to express different versions of themselves. Facebook, Vsco, Tik Tok, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Snap Chat, Youtube just to name a few, but we all know there are many many more about. But what is even more horrifying is that through the hundreds of different social media apps that exist we are still constantly creating more, feeling the need for more. Social media is more normalized than ever but is also looked at more critically than ever.

Kids, parents, “normal people” all use social media in different ways with basic social judgment risks, but as a society, we look at a teacher’s social media more critically. So what is a teacher’s role in social media? What is appropriate and inappropriate? Where is the line between personal and professional, and when and are you able to express which side?

Photo Credit: telco100australia Flickr via Compfight cc

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Getting Techy

So right now I’m not only trying to learn sign language but attempting to use my phone and computer in many ways that confuse me. This week our class was challenged to find a tool or app that we have NEVER used before and used it to help document our journey. Essentially this post will be me going over my experience with the app and giving it a very informal recommendation or rating.

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