From the ABC’s to the XYZ’s

And that’s a wrap.

As the semester comes to an end so does my learning project for EDTC 300 where I chose to learn ASAL (American Sign Language). But as I sit here looking back on all I have learned I realize how much I still don’t know. The resources that exist for me to learn ASL are so plentiful I really want to continue with my studies. Now I may not be doing weekly blogs about my progress and showing off my mad new skills I think this is something I want for myself. I am looking into taking professional classes after I finish my degree. I think that having this as a second language, and the inclusivity that it offers is truly remarkable and I would like to have this opportunity for my classroom.

Learning Project Recap

New Journey Announcement → Explaining why I chose ASL, my personal experience with it, information on where to find me online, and some businesses that have embraced ASL.

ABC’s 123’s in ASL →  First day attempting to sign. Exploring the alphabet and basic sentences explaining that I am a hearing person learning to sign. The resource I used throughout this experience was ASL University online.

Family Shennanigans → This week’s looked at different signs that may exist when initially talking about family. From doing all the “family talk” I  got interested in looking at inclusivity to the LBGTQ+ community with sharing video on gender-inclusive signs.  Bonas: 1-10 in ASL

I don’t know what I don’t know→  This week’s realized how much there is to signing looking more at the technicalities of signing and its relationship with the hearing community.

Me Casa Sou Casa →  This week’s terminology wasn’t exactly themes but was more based around living, community, and home. I also experimented with a new video editing website that allowed me to provide captions in my videos with the translation on what I was signing.

The Modge Podge Family → This week I continue on with family looking at distinct relatives and relationships.

Signing Etiquette → This week I took more technicalities of ASL examining infliction, iconicity, and negation.

Tech Terms → This week I was influenced by all the tech talk happening in this class looking at movies, computers, and internet sites.

Techy Teaching Development

Taking Twitter into Teaching → This week during class we examined twitter and how it can fit into the classrooms and I took part in my first ever TSask Ed Chat.

I Tube, We Tube, YOUTUBE →  This week I examined the presence or people persona on youtube based around ideas from Michael Wesch.

Getting Techy → This week with my learning objective I was challenged to try a new app, I chose Splice. In this blog, I review the app for my personal use and give it a rating.

Social Media and Social Discrimination → This week I reflected on my own and my peer’s perspectives on teachers addressing social issues in the classroom and on their own social media.

Just a Creepin’ → This week I got the opportunity to creep on one of my good friend’s identity on the internet and examine what I did and didn’t know about her as well as the type of persona she portrays.

You’re SO FAKE → This week I examined the fake news and how accessible it is to people all around the world, how it is created, and examining the purposes.

coding…kinda..? →This week I got the opportunity to attempt coding with a very user-friendly and kid-friendly website that allowed me to create my own version of Flappy Bird.

Together We Can Do It All→ Supporting Others.

Through this semester I have learned to take it easy and breath. Learning something online doesn’t make it easier and learning a brand new skill takes a lot of time. Over the past couple months, I found myself getting frustrated when a sign wouldn’t stick I learned the last week or I would get the order messed up of my sentence. These couple of months I have learned to give myself a break and pace myself, and the strength that support from others has. 

Video Wrap UP





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