Just a Creepin’

This week we had the opportunity to essentially creepy my friend on the internet and see what I could find. I was assuming to find something I didn’t know about her, an activity I didn’t know she played, a trip to ask her about, or maybe even an awkward middle school phase that I could bother her about. But I had no such luck.

Through my creeping, I found that Olivia, whose blog you can check out here is very active on her Facebook and Twitter, but remains quieter on her Instagram. However, her Facebook and Twitter aren’t filled with posts about her family trip, or random updates on what she’s eating, it is filled with support for the LBGTQ+ community, Black Lives Matter movement, Mental Health just to name a few. It is after looking into her social media deeper I was really encouraged in the friendship I have with this person.

I saw her demonstrate so much love for everyone, and setting an example for young females. I saw her on numerous occasions dealing with some harsh criticism for the standing up from others from her family. But these criticisms were never responded by her with hate, or frustration but instead an obvious desire to teach others, and help them recognize and appreciate the rights and lives of everyone.

This is the kind of person I want in my life, and the kind of person I think everyone needs in their life. To have someone consistently and actively put someone out there and deal with criticism from family I believe demonstrates great strength and caring. I am very lucky to have such strong person in my life and I am excited for her future students to have someone like her looking out for them.

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