The Modge Podge Family

Vocab 4

Individual Words


  1. When do you feel happy?
  2. How many uncles do you have?
  3. How many sons does your father have
  4. Do you have a bby?
  5. Do I need to brush my teeth?
  6. What is your boyfriends name?
  7. What is your girlfriends name?
  8. Does your teacher have a daughter?
  9. Do you need help learning to sign?
  10. Where do you hurt?
  11. If the teacher spells show do you understand her?
  12. Who do you love?
  13. Why are you sad?
  14. Are you sorry you come to class?
  15. Do you want to stop signing?
  16. How do you sign “wash”
  17. What is your excuse?
  18. How many Aunt’s do you have?
  19. Do you want a baby?

Story Time

My aunt wants a divorce.
Uncle loves her.
Doesn’t want a divorce.
He is sad, angry, heartbroken.
He goes to his bedroom and cries.
He asked a friend to help him.
The friend’s idea was that
if uncle wants to be happy
and stop feeling sad
he should go to his wife,
apologize and ask for forgiveness.

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