Me Casa Sou Casa

Hey yall! So like I said in my last blog I am trying to separate my ASL learning a bit more information, and literal signing. But I did want to share and prove to you that I am still keeping up with my signing as well. This week’s focus is more “home” based, and building onto the vocabulary I’ve learned in the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!


So Many Learning!

As I have stated multiple times, I and technology do not have the smoothest relationship. But this week we were challenged to try a new app or tool and include it as apart of our blogs. I chose to do a video editor. So enjoy the new videos and if you are interested I am going to be breaking down my experience in a blog that you can find it HERE.

Signing Sentences

Signign Stories

To be honest I struggled retaining words let alone putting them into sentences this week. I’m not sure if it was just my mindset, or that I was just overwhelming myself with information between history and actual signs. But it was tough. I am however really enjoying the challenge. I love seeing how adding 10 new words a week can expand what I am able to say so drastically. I am really happy that this is what I chose, and I really want to continue with this project when this class is over. It actually has had me thinking about doing actual signing classes or taking it to a different level. We shall see what I can bring next week!!

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