Getting Techy

So right now I’m not only trying to learn sign language but attempting to use my phone and computer in many ways that confuse me. This week our class was challenged to find a tool or app that we have NEVER used before and used it to help document our journey. Essentially this post will be me going over my experience with the app and giving it a very informal recommendation or rating.

In the previous weeks, I used the app “Video Editor” on my phone to help with my videos that classmates recommended. My extent of using this app was me shooting multiple short videos of me signing and combining them into one longer video. Though I did enjoy this app this week we will be focusing on my new app I found “Splice”.

Splice - Video Editor & Maker on the App Store

In case you didn’t view my post from earlier here is a brief clip of the video I produced on the FREE app Splice. 

First things first IT’s FREE which is an automatic win in my books. There is an option to upgrade to the premium option. Though I did stick with the free version I did fool around with some of the premium options just to see what they were like in “user-friendliness”. It is so simple even I could do it. Though in the video above all I did was combine multiple videos into one, and add text (both relatively new ideas for me) the app can do much more. I tried transitions between scenes, different colors, and fonts of texts, filters, and effects, as well as adding in music. All of these features were super simple to learn. I did find it a bit tedious with me wanting to add sentence by sentences “captions” of what I was saying, but I think for a “normal” video it could be super useful. This is definitely an app I would recommend to people especially beginning in video editing, and I would like to investigate to see if they have a computer option as well.


  • Free with option to upgrade → I do wish that some of the paid-for “basic” features were free like font colour etc. But that’s just my being picky
  • Easy to use
  • Many extra features available
  • Wouldn’t recommend for “captioning”

Rating 4.5/5

4.5 stars

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