I Tube, We Tube, YOUTUBE

This week for my educational technology class (EDTC300) we took time to view Michael Wesch’s “An anthropological introduction to Youtube”.  Like I have stated in earlier blog posts I have always had an interest in psychology and I think this really fed my curiosity on anthropology though I still remained nervous. The word anthropology is intimidating enough, but when you realize you’re trying to relate and understand humankind, the intimidation factor increases. But still, I found this video fascinating.  It was not only easy to understand and follow but it provided my opportunity to relate and reflect on my own experience with technology and where I see this relationship going. 

As we continue to exam what the future of education will look like I think my previous blog directly relates to the incorporation when my take away was “embrace technology but don’t let it replace your humanity”.

Presently we are taking part in online teaching and with this full embrace of technology, but I think what we need to focus on is that technology is a tool it is not a replacement for teachers. I loved using youtube in my classroom during my pre-internship, I found so many ice-breakers, lesson ideas, and some great resources for explaining like Crash Course.  Youtube is a great tool for people to connect, share their stories, and express themselves. It provides the opportunity to share yourself with the world, without have to be famous (even though many musicians start there). The internet provides people with freedom, to share themselves and their original content, or to put forward the face of the person they want to be. 

What really stuck out for me was the debate of the online community and those who are involved in it. Though I stated that technology can’t replace human interaction is can create a community where people are able to build relationships from it. We see people create a following and viewers become genuinely invested in vlogger’s lives, relationships, and careers included. But what comes up a lot in the online persona debate is the authenticity of people’s online self. When Youtube first began people were becoming furious for others not showing their true selves, and creating this fake persona. However as we move into modern society it has almost become a game. With shows like “Catfish” and “The Circle” people are becoming internet sensations for showing their not true self, and where the authenticity of their identity is constantly questioned.  How can we complain about the fakeness that we continuously make famous?

What I found myself thinking about a lot is the idea of a false identity only becoming known when Youtube was created and the internet became common. So many people in the video by Wesch were talking, admitting that they don’t put them real self out there, its an exaggerated version of themself, the person they want to be, a person they think will be accepted. And though I believe that the internet has increased the scale that this is done to, I think it’s always happened. 

We all have different personas or faces that only certain people get to see. Personally, I act differently around family then I do my friends, my colleges at school, and my coworkers. Though all of these “personalities” are me they are a different version of myself. They are held to a different sort of standard in appearance, professionalism, and overall communication. As a society, we adapt ourselves to who or what we need to be in the environment we are in. It’s “survival of the fittest” and adapting to your environment that I think allows us to be successful in today’s society. People shouldn’t change who they are, or disregard their morals and character. But I do believe filtering parts of you to become more respected, or successful has always been something that we as humans have done.



Tinkerbell's blog : The Three Faces.

6 thoughts on “I Tube, We Tube, YOUTUBE

  1. Hey Brianne!
    Great post here! You have made so many insightful points! You bring up a great point that we should embrace technology but not let it take us over. That is such an important message and is definitely something some people forget to consider. I would even consider myself as an example as one of those people who uses it way too much and lets it control them at times. Its hard to avoid sometimes when we live in such a digital world. But you make a great point in this post. It such a great resource to use, but it should only be depended on if absolutely needed. Humanity was just fine before the digital world came along; we can still be that way when we want too.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Morgan Bray

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your own experience Morgan! It’s weird when we start using technology as part of a job, for school and recreationally I find the line on “too much” becomes blurred. But if you’re happy in the end I think that’s what really counts.


  2. Hi Brianne,

    I believe you had some great points in your discussion of Youtube/ Online Identity. One quote you mentioned was “embrace technology but don’t let it replace your humanity”, Which I believe is very true and people need to keep this in mind especially when thinking about how school should work in the fall and after that. (I also loved the circle Btw). I also think you were absolutely correct when you say people have multiple faces, we act different around different types of people, and discuss different things. I also think social media allows you to express a different version of your self then you would in person, people seem to be more open and willing to express their thoughts behind a screen- this could be bad or good.

    Thanks for your take on Youtube! (Loved your title btw)

    Meagan Flunder

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  3. I loved your title, lol!
    I totally agree with your last paragraph. I’ve always felt like I’ve had multiple personas and faces that I use at appropriate times. I think teachers learn to do this pretty early on in their careers!

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    1. Thank you haha, I was singing the “we all scream for ice cream” song in my head while typing. I’m glad someone else experiences this to. I think there’s a truthful and a non truthful way to present yourself but once again, key is always balance!


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