Taking Twitter into Teaching

When I was in grade 9 teachers started bringing in Twitter into the classroom and to be honest we never used it. Twitter was the cool new thing and teachers were trying to be hip. But now as we a society become more tech-savvy and aware I believe it can be a great communication tool. Teachers and students can have academic accounts where they put out reminders on homework, test, and field trips.  Teachers can post their online resources for students to follow along with readings, challenge themselves learning more, sharing their own findings. This can also be a simple tool that teachers use to communicate with parents. This could include dates and information, as well as resources to help parents assist their children with homework. I also think that Twitter would be a great media to update parents on what is being covered in classes and help avoid the dreadful conversation:

“what did you do today”


“What did you learn today”

“oh ya know”


I would encourage teachers to check out the eLearning Industry as they are continuously providing teachers with educational online resources. Specifically, this article if you’re looking to incorporate Twitter into your teaching.

5 thoughts on “Taking Twitter into Teaching

    1. It’s so funny because I remember giggling at teachers trying to be cool with technology and apps, or not knowing how to do something “basic” and now I’m one of them.


  1. Hey Brianne! I actually don’t remember my teachers ever really using Twitter.
    I like how you mentioned using it as a tool to remind students about field trips, homework, and such. Definitely some good ideas to consider!

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    1. I believe it! Though Twitter is an older social media platform, it’s idea I’m the classroom still seems very new. I’m interested to see on how it evolves.


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