Education in the Future

Let’s be honest the world is crazy right now as we remain on some type of quarantine due to Covid-19 and the future is very much unknown. We brave -40 weather all winter, don’t do snow days, as schools, and education have not only always been an expectation but a priority.  As we adapt to this new virus availability and environment may differ but the priority of education is still very real. As painful as it has been to see people around the world struggle it has also been a glorious time to see people join together. As we struggle on not being able to see students, friends, and family the community of teachers all across the world have never been closer. With shares resources, lessons, and any kind of knowledge they can, teachers have once again proved their love and passion for not only the job but for helping others.

Fall 2020

Presently I am waiting to see where  I will be placed on my 4-month teaching internship in the fall. But the type of physical and technological environment that I will be entering into is also unknown, and to be honest it’s terrifying. It’s hard not to know where I will be living, working, or what I will be doing in general. It’s been lately that I have had to accept that sometimes the scariest things are the unknown answers to the many questions we have. This week the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan have both announced that classes will be strictly online. Though I don’t believe that that public schools will be taking this same turn it is a very real possibility. I expect to see some type of adapted school day with staggered days or start times. Having half of the students in certain days and the other half on opposite days, whilst also having online assignments and teachings posted for the “school days” that don’t necessarily take place at school. Education will always be a priority but so is the safety of our school staff, and students. I can not wait to see and truly have the opportunity to interact with my future students, but all will happen on its own uncontrolled timeline.


I have always been a person with a schedule and with a plan. If you asked me anytime from my 16th birthday and later where I saw myself in 5 years I would have a plan. And though this plan’s exact steps have changed the major points have always remained the same. Though 2025 seems so close I think that we as a society have continuously demonstrated how much things can change and how far we can come, in numerous ways; technology included, in five years. I used to dream of hovercars and houses, and phones that could talk (thanks Siri) but the evolution of the appearance education itself is not something I ever considered. I think about the changes to the curriculum based on the new events, learnings, ways of life, and social awareness but the environment always stayed the same. I never saw a time when school was online (unless by choice) coming in our future and to be honest, this is also a hope of mine. I think it is important to utilize technology in the classroom for resources, assignments, and creativity but I believe that school itself should remain a physical place. I believe that students should have the opportunity to leave their houses and have the opportunity to meet people their age, and learn with them. I think that the interaction between a student and a teacher is irreplaceable and valuable.  Though I wouldn’t go as far as Albert Einstein and say “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots” as I think that technology can be a wonderful resource, but I do see the danger. The danger in the replacement of human interaction with technological interaction, and the influence that unreliable resources can have on that lack this critical lens.

Embrace Technology but don’t let it Replace your Humanity.




Retrieved from Curejoy Facebook. Posted on April 30, 2019.



One thought on “Education in the Future

  1. I really admire what you said about how valuable the relationship between a student and teacher can be. I also agree that school should remain a physical place in the future, as it is more difficult to create meaningful connections virtually. I feel for the students who do not have a great home life and who view their classroom as a home. For these reasons, I also hope that school never becomes entirely online (aside from certain circumstances, such as a pandemic). Technology is a fantastic resource, but nothing in life is more important than genuine human connection.

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