New Journey Announcement

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to come on and let you all know that my blog is going to be taking a bit of a different turn for the next while. Right now I am working on my Education degree at the University of Regina, and though I am very excited to be done I am really enjoying this last part of my journey. Part of this journey includes taking EDTC 300, which roughly means Educational Technology.

As apart of this journey my peers and I have been challenged to learn a new skill in the next few months through online resources, this can include blogs, youtube videos, podcasts, or apps, really whatever we need to support us best as long as it is online. Though I am really excited about learning a new skill I’m honestly terrified about the recording and documenting side of this assignment. I am not tech-savvy WHAT SO EVER. Doing video voice over, putting clips together, even including text in a video are completely new ideas to me…and I am TERRIFIED.  To be honest I originally made I video for this post but after take 73 I gave up.  BUT I’m excited for this new journey and for you all to join me.

What I am choosing to learn is American Sign Language (ASL). I chose this because I grew up with a person who was nonverbal but communicated through sign language. From this, I was able to learn some common phrases and terms so we were able to have some sort of relationship which was wonderful, but still minimal. I think it was in Grade 3 that my entire class learned “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in sign language and were able to perform together, which once again was wonderful but still didn’t seem really inclusive. Though this performance was a great idea, it’s one thing in twelve years of school. Looking back I wish I could’ve known/done more. Now as I look forward as a future educator I want to put more emphasis on making a welcoming and adaptive learning environment.

I don’t want to say I want to learn a specific number of words, because I feel like it’s too easy to learn words and not know how to use them in a sentence. So instead, I am going to focus on learning phrases, sentences, and responses that I can not only use in my day to day life but my professional teaching life as well. Right now I am also working as a server as well so I would like to learn some more food and menu terms that I can use in there to make the restaurant a more welcoming place there as well.

I see a lot of videos online of people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or nonverbal communicating with a worker of some sort via. sign language and how moving it is. Though these videos are heartwarming I find it heartbreaking that people are so moved to have the basic opportunity to communicate with someone in their language. I would like to see the ASL community grow and resources for learning to become more well-known.  As I go through this journey I am happy and relieved to be joined by my friend Olivia. We are hoping to be able to have a  conversation by the end of this and be able to communicate consistently. I encourage you all to check out her blog and support her at Ms.Moats Education Journey.

Your Turn

As I go through this I will be sharing the resources that I try with you all and let you know what I think of them. But, if you know of any great ones, or are curious about let me know as I would love to check them out! Also, feel free to continue to follow the rest of my Educational Technology journey on my twitter page @MsBMunro



Shout out to some great companies and people who have begun to normalize sign-language in their businesses.

5 thoughts on “New Journey Announcement

  1. Hi Brianne! Love the shout out to businesses that normalize sign language at their locations. I am also learning ASL for my project as I believe it will be a step towards creating an inclusive classroom for all my future students. Looking forward to your journey!

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    1. Wonderful! Makes me excited to have a little community on a very similar learning journey. Maybe by the end we can challenge ourselves to a video chat together!


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