Teaching Identity

Something that had stuck out to me in the reading was the statement “the teacher teaches in the manner that respects the dignity and rights of all persons without prejudice, as to race, religious beliefs, colour sex, and sexual orientation, physical characteristics, age, ancestry or place of origin”. Though I completely agree with this statement I feel like too often people are scared to offended someone or say something wrong so people teachers included avoiding discussing sensitive topics altogether. Personally, I feel that not talking about these issues is just as problematic as not talking about them in a proper and organized environment because at least things are being discussed. When discussing social issues in the classroom I think that the important thing is to allow students to have their own opinion and be vocal in a respectful manner. Not only is this important in the classroom environment but it is also important for students to learn how to think before they speak, gather supporting evidence and thought before disagreeing with another, and how to disagree with another person in a respectful manner.

The text goes on to state “the teacher may not delegate these responsibilities to any person who is not a teacher” regarding educational needs, implementation instruction programs, and evaluating the progress of pupils. Though I agree with that teachers should be fully responsible for their job and their students I think it’s also important to recognize that in today’s society teachers are not alone. It is important for teachers to have connections with other staff members, administration, and parents. Though it is the teacher’s job to meet the curricular necessities and develop each learner thoroughly, it is also important for teachers to know that they are not alone and should be able to provide families with knowledge and tools to assist in the learning process.  

    Another statement I feel is incredibly important was that teachers “may not accept pay for tutoring a pupil in any subjects in which the teacher is responsible for giving classroom instruction to that pupil”. It is so important for teachers to recognize how many extra hours it takes to be a good teacher. I hear so often how amazing it would be to be a teacher and work 9-3, have every weekend and holidays off etc. But there is never recognition for the hours of marking, planning and adapting not to mention the before school, lunch hours, and after school, hours helping students in smaller groups or one on one with lessons.



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