Roles in Education

Something I really appreciated in the text was regarding the teacher’s numerous roles not only in the school but in the classroom. As teachers, our primary job is to encourage learning but to have a learning environment teachers need to have control over the classroom and the students which means much of a teachers “time and energy goes into controlling students’ behavior and evaluating students according to external standards’ which can take away from the time spent teaching and learning.  As stated earlier teachers need to evaluate students according to curricular expectations and outcomes. This is something that I continue to struggle with as earlier in the year we had discussed how personal life easily impacts school outcomes, and I do not feel completely comfortable holding all children to the same academic standards when they all have high ranging abilities and home life situations. From my own school experience in high school and now in university I realize the importance of feedback and knowledge of where you are standing with academic expectations in the class. In high school, I hated having to do formative assignments as I saw them as a waste of time for no credit. However, now looking back I feel that they were not only beneficial to me to understand the types of questions that would be on the exam and check up on what concepts I understand. This is also very beneficial for teachers as they are able to see if there is an idea as a classroom that is not understood and should be revisited and also evaluate students separately that may need additional support.

I feel that something important to recognize as parents is that a teacher’s job is much more than standing and talking from 9-3:30 5 days a week.  I often hear people saying how easy a teacher’s job is, and how they are paid so well for a job that is less than 40 hours a week. This is something that as always bothered me especially now having family in the field as well as myself in the future. The job of a teacher sets students up for the rest of their life though not all things taught may be thought as relevant there is a reason for all. As well as the amount of time that teachers not only put into planning basic lessons but the additional time spent creating adaptations for students of higher or lower expected academic understanding. I understand that parents get frustrated when their student is not performing as wanted but it bothers me to consistently see blame placed on educator for students struggle. As administrators I feel that it is important for them to understand what is going on in their classrooms and with their teachers to best support staff, parents, and students. With this additional support, I feel that there could be fewer confrontations between the groups involved in the school.

I Am a Teacher: A very inspiring poem that every teacher should ...

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