Social Issues in the Classroom

Last week in the seminar we discussed the purpose of a teacher and education. Many would assume the purpose of education and an educator is to teach and learn, you would be surprised when in reality majority of us (future educators)  felt that the purpose of education and teachers is much more focused on the type of person we are creating through knowledge. There was much discussion focused around teaching children to be socially sensitive, and open-minded to different perspectives, religions, etc. It wasn’t until reading the articles for this week that I realized that by trying to create socially sensitive students who stand up for others we are also exposing children to some serious issues from a very young age. Though I believe that students should be able to recognize that the world is not fair for everyone and be able to stand up for others who are experiencing the unprivileged side of this I am not sure that I agree with the exposure of all these harsh realities for students at a young age.

When I was in school the only social justice we discussed was the residential schools, though this is a serious issue that needs to be learned about, it wasn’t until I was really exposed to the outside world I saw how truly messed up things are. It is when you are learning about the injustices in the world you are able to truly begin to build your character and beliefs as an individual. With that said I think that the school should promote equality for all, unfortunately, to have everyone feel this way I do not honestly think will ever happen. As teachers, we need to learn to disagree and educate all, have hard discussions while still keeping a welcoming environment in the classroom. I think that schools avoid talking about reality’s issues because of the range of opinions students and parents may have regarding the subject. Though I completely understand that everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on topics, why don’t we talk things through so people are to begin to create an opinion for themselves before they are 20 and exposed to reality, facts and other perspectives/theories?


Illustrating Equality VS Equity : Interaction Institute for Social ...


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