Major Philosophical System

The text discusses the importance of students finding “personal meaning and that their individuality is not sacrificed to the group”. I think that this is so important for all to recognize especially teachers. I feel that through teaching a large class the same material and having the same expectations for students we as teachers are attempting to create copycat students. I have found through high school and now through university is that original thinking is not encouraged but is often punished. Though I understand we have certain expectations for our students, I do not understand why we are open to adapting lesson plans based on ability, or culturally sensitive topics but continue to expect students to have the same views or conform to the curricular expectations.

As the article continued the role of the teacher became to come into question as Dewey argues that the role of a teacher is to select ideas from experiences of the students to have a present, meaningful, and relatable discussion. Though I don’t believe that this is a realistic approach to everyday class I do feel that teachers should allow students to guide the conversation when appropriate. By allowing students to guide the conversations such as in “problem-posing” they will be actively engaged, their questions will be answered and the teacher is also able to guide the conversation to cover the intended curriculum.

Overall as a new generation of teachers, I think we need to focus on creating a new generation of learners. We need to be more open to alternative strategies such as project-based learning and group exploration rater then solely teaching personal and self-responsibility and learn to learn.

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